Dural Tennis Centre

Quarry Rd,
Dural Park,
Dural, NSW 2158

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Hourly Rates

School term & Non member (Non daylight savings)
Day rate $23 (8am-5pm)
Night rate $27 (5pm-10pm)
Weekends $15 (8am-5pm)

School Holidays & Member (Non Daylight savings)
Day rate $15 (8am-5pm)
Night Rate $20 (5pm-10 pm)
Weekends $15 (8am-5pm)

Dural Tennis Centre court bookings are managed by Dural Tennis Academy. Online booking is our preferred method of payment or call our pro shop (02) 9651 2260 or (02) 9680 1257. Our centre is security patrolled & monitored and attended by Centre Management on a regular basis.

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Court Hire Terms and Conditions:

Please be aware that our synthetic courts shed water very well and will generally only be unplayable after prolonged heavy rain. Determination of playability during wet weather is at the sole discretion of the Court Manager - please ring call 0415 445 035 ( for Caterson) or 0412 185 130 ( for Dural ) or view our court status updates on home page of this website.

For a casual booking a full credit is applied to a customer's account when a booking is unable to be used due to wet weather or court un-playability. This credit can be used against any future booking. No refunds are given.


A casual booking may be cancelled up to 5 hours prior to the booking time and a credit given for future use. No refund will be given.

Playing Over Time

It is the responsibility of the hirer to finish play at the designated time. Where a court is vacant at the expiry of the booking period, the booking may be extended, in which case an additional charge is payable as a proportion of the hourly rate.

Additional Information

We have regular competitions and coaching available at ALL our centres and suitable for every level of player. Click links below

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Please keep watching our website for updates on how to join our next competitions in 2013 and also our upcoming Free Open Day at Dural in February 2013.

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